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Pastors & Leaders

I'm excited to invite you to learn more about an important partnership and training that Star of Hope Ministries is engaging in this fall.  For more than 6 years, we have worked in partnership with BILD International bringing their training resources to Pastors and Leaders from around our region.  As our relationships and collaborations have grown, we've begun further work with BILD and with a group of key leaders and ministries here in the North Jersey/NY Metro area as part of the Metro Equipping Coalition (MEC).

This Tuesday, September 12th at 7:00pm, the MEC will be hosting a zoom call with information about a 22-week training being offered this fall starting on October 3rd. 

Click here to RSVP and add zoom details to your calendar

Every one of us in ministry has dealt with roadblocks, challenges, and difficulties along the way.  One of the most important New Testament challenges for us today, (especially in a Western world) is how can our churches, networks, and leaders, be fully established in New Testament principles and practices...from the grassroots level for all of our church family, all the way up to the leadership level. 

We invite you to join us to learn more about how you can engage in a training process this fall that will help you better understand God's strategies and principles directly from the New Testament that can be transformative for our church families today.


Through this training, you will work towards:

  • Designing a ministry philosophy and strategy that is based on the core principles of “The Way of Christ and His Apostles”.

  • Becoming equipped to entrust network and ministry leaders in life in the church, family, and in the Biblical text.

  • Design a multi-level training strategy for establishing your church leaders and church members.

  • Implement New Testament principles of establishment and expansion of your church using a Comprehensive Assessment Guide.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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