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The *Gospel Mission Network™ is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, church-based ministry whose purpose is to accomplish the work of the Great Commission given to the Church by Jesus Christ. We’re an apostolic team building people, churches, and leaders in the tradition of "Christ & His Apostles.


The Gospel Mission Network is a networked family of churches & ministries that serves both as a vertical covering to leaders as well as a horizontal network working closely with churches, church networks, & other ministries in the work of the Great Commission.


Our heart's desire is to see Jesus received as Lord in every nation, every city. 


When Jesus came to the earth He didn't come to simply talk about the things of the Kingdom of heaven. He came in power and authority to demonstrate the love and sovereignty of God.  He literally unleashed the power of love and light and truth in the earth. When Jesus encountered sickness... He healed.  When He encountered poverty... He provided.  When He encountered hate... He loved, and when He encountered sin... He died and rose again conquering sin and death. A ministry that represents Jesus Christ should release the very same power of He did because He desires to demonstrate His love and rule over all creation through His Church.


The Gospel Mission Network conducts outreaches, mission trips, healing meetings, teaching meetings, and many other things to release the very real supernatural power of God.  Our world needs more than talk. It needs to experience the power and love and sovereignty of God. Releasing the truth of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching, and healing results in the rescuing of souls from sin and death and populates heaven! Join and pray for us as we move in the grace and power of Jesus Christ to release heaven upon earth, and to live as true witnesses of His resurrection!


Throughout Church history people have understood the need to evangelize the nations. However, many have failed to establish the work of God's Kingdom on earth.  It is all too common for a city to experience a mighty revival only to have everything return to normal in just a few short years. The Kingdom of God was poured out but no wineskin was created to sustain it for long-term sustainability.


The apostle Paul worked tirelessly to preach and evangelize the Good News of Jesus Christ, however, he didn't stop there! He continued to labor to build the necessary wineskins by establishing and strengthening Churches.  God's enduring plan for His Kingdom to be established upon the earth is accomplished through the planting, equipping, and strengthening of local Churches. These churches should be well-ordered, divine communities, who gather and live around the centrality of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


The Gospel  works with a collection of ministries contributing to the planting, equipping, and networking of Churches to establish the Kingdom of God in the nations of the earth.


We work with top-level leaders to plant new churches, strengthen existing ones, and develop strategies that cultivate the kinds of Churches that foster the worldwide expansion of the Gospel.


Once Paul established local Churches, he focused his efforts on equipping and developing leaders to carry on the work of the Great Commission in their geographic or cultural context.  He worked tirelessly to ensure the churches would be entrusted to the leadership of people who understood the qualifications of maturity for leadership and urged that only those who exhibited such traits should be considered for leadership.

To succeed in Christ's Great Commission, we need to release the power of Jesus, establish strong churches, and develop strong, well-equipped leadership. 

To accomplish this, the Gospel Mission Network is committed to helping develop strong, church-based leadership schools throughout the world so new generations may be entrusted to effectively carry on the work of the Great Commission.

We develop leaders through the Gospel Mission Training Initiative offering both accredited degree and non-degree programs powered, in part, by BILD International's accredited Antioch School of Church Planting & Leadership Development.

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