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Our 2021 Consecration is all about going deeper with God! It's about seeking His face in ways that causes His presence to saturate us! We'll be covering a series of topics to shepherd us deeper into Jesus' nail-scarred hands.

Be sure to check out the below resources that will be updated weekly so we can better live out what we're learning!


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January 17, 2021

In January 10th's Sunday message, Pastor Steve covered the first major work of the 2021 Consecration all about being separated from self. The teaching covered the need to rediscover Jesus' call to take up our cross, deny ourselves, and follow Him. Liberation from living for ourselves is liberation from a deep form of idolatry.

In last Sunday's message, Pastor Steve began teaching on cultivating a lifestyle of worship. Once we break free from worshipping ourselves, we come to discover God's call to come before Him in worship! This means we need to do—

three things: We must seek God to know Him as He truly is, we must resist satan's temptations to lust after things in this world, and we must reject all man-made traditions. This is the beginning of coming before God to worship Him in Spirit and truth! (See John 4:23-24)




  • Matthew 16:24–26

  • 1 Peter 2:5

  • 2 Corinthians 3:18

  • Jeremiah 29:13

  • Matthew 7:7-8


  1. What has the Spirit been revealing to you personally about the need to take up your cross and follow Jesus? (See Matthew 16:24–26)

  2. What is the relationship between seeking the Father and true worship? (See Matthew 7:7-8; Hebrews 11:6)

  3. Why is true worship so important? (See 1 Peter 2:5; 2 Corinthians 3:18; John 4:23-24)

  4. What worldly temptations seem to be the most difficult to resist in your life? Why is the devil aiming to get you to desire the world rather than Jesus? What does satan want? What does God want? (See Matthew 4:8-10)

  5. What things or traditions have you discover are not as biblical as you once thought? What traditions or mindsets do you think you need to renounce and break from so your worship will be purely of the Spirit and truth? (See Matthew 15:1-9; John 4:23-24)


  • That we'll genuinely take up our cross and follow Jesus no matter what the cost.

  • That we'll renounce the worship of every idol in our lives.

  • That we'll diligently seek to know God so we may worship the Father in Spirit and truth.

  • That we'll overcome every temptation to lust after the world and the things in it.

  • That we'll discover and be delivered from every man-made tradition so our worship will be pleasing to the Father.

  • That we'll be caught up in such pure worship that we'll behold the glory of the Lord and be transformed into the same image from glory to glory. (See 2 Corinthians 3:18)


  1. Begin a consecration journal to record your thoughts, prayers, and meditations upon this week's teachings. Record your thoughts about how you think the Lord is leading you to take up your cross to follow Him more fully. Write your commitment to seek Jesus with all your heart, to overcome the devil's temptations, and worship the Lord in Spirit and truth.

  2. Take your calendar and think about how you can better use your time to put God first. Remove unfruitful things and replace them with time to seek the Lord.

  3. At least one time per day, lift your voice aloud to worship the Father with thanksgiving and song! Let the Spirit of God lead and guide you in a new experience of freedom in worship!

  • Hebrews 11:6

  • John 4:23–24

  • Matthew 4:8-10

  • Matthew 15:1-9

The Scripture passages below:


Fasting is a powerful consecration activity that not only disciplines the body but creates clarity and sensitivity to things in the Spirit. We encourage you to pray and to commit to the fast the Lord is calling you.

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