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Our 2021 Consecration is all about going deeper with God! It's about seeking His face in ways that causes His presence to saturate us! We'll be covering a series of topics to shepherd us deeper into Jesus' nail-scarred hands.

Be sure to check out the below resources that will be updated weekly so we can better live out what we're learning!


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January 24, 2021

In January 17th's Sunday message, Pastor Steve began teaching on cultivating a lifestyle of worship. Once we break free from worshipping ourselves, we come to discover God's call to come before Him in worship! This means we need to do three things: We must seek God to know Him as He truly is, we must resist satan's temptations to lust after things in this world, and we must reject all man-made traditions. This is the beginning of coming before God to worship Him in Spirit and truth! (See John 4:23-24)


This Sunday, Pastor Steve taught about the need to fall in love with Jesus. The only way we will leave everything for Jesus is to really love Him. The only way to really love Him is to know Him or "Behold Him". This means we are called seek Him and to gaze into His face of grace by spending time in His Word.  This week is about stripping away every distraction and simply coming before Him like Mary when she sat at His feet listening to His Word. (see Luke 10:39-42). Rest assured Jesus is going to meet and respond to you.  (See James 4:8)

Beholding Jesus is a key to falling in love with Jesus and cultivating a life of worship that is in Spirit and Truth!



  • Matthew 10:34–39

  • Luke 18:18-27

  • Luke 14:25-33

  • Psalm 84:1-2

  • Isaiah 26:3


  1. Jesus said we have to take up our cross and follow Him. He said we should lose our lives for His sake. What do you think should happen in our hearts to do this? What would cause us to make such a sacrifice? (See Matthew 10:34-39)

  2. Why did the man become "very sorrowful" in Luke 18:23? What had he not yet encountered? (See Luke 18:18-27)

  3. What do you think happened to the Psalmist in Psalm 84? What did he possible discover about God's presence? (See Psalm 84:1-2)

  4. What happened to Peter when he looked at Jesus walking on the water? What happened when he stopped looking at Jesus and looked at the wind and waves? (See Matthew 14:28-30)

  5. What happens to people who begin to "Behold Jesus"? (See Isaiah 26:3; Romans 12:1-2; 2 Corinthians 3:18)

  6. What things does Jesus desire for us to separate from? What things are we loving in the world more than Him? What things are serving as distractions in our life? How can we gain strength to leave those things and follow Jesus more fully?

  7. What practical things can we do to "Behold Jesus"? What role does the Word of God play in this endeavor?

  8. What does it mean that Jesus becomes our first love? What do you think that will look like in your life? In Abundant Grace?


  • That we discover the riches in Jesus in such a way that we easily give up everything for Him!

  • That we behold Jesus in such a way that we become transformed into His image!

  • That we remove every distraction and unfruitful thing that hinders us from seeing and hearing the voice of the Lord in our lives.

  • That we take our eyes off the wind and waves and keep them fixed upon Jesus.

  • That Jesus becomes and remains our first love for the all our days.

  • That we be the pure and spotless Bride Jesus is coming back to the earth for.

  • That we be a people ready for the second coming of Jesus!  


  1. Make an entry in your consecration journal to record your thoughts, prayers, and meditations upon this week's teachings. Record your thoughts about where you believe your worship is currently at and where you would like it to be. Write your commitment to allow the Spirit of God to touch your heart and bring you deeper.

  2. Review your calendar again and think about how you can better use your time to put God first this week. Remove unfruitful things, and replace them with time to seek the Lord. What specific changes will you make to seek God first? Record times in your calendar you're reserving to meet with God.

  3. Write a Letter to a friend or brother/sister in Christ sharing why you believe Jesus is worth following, and why you're unashamed to put Him first in your life.

  • Psalm 34:5

  • Isaiah 26:3

  • Romans 12:1-2

  • Matthew 14:28-30

  • 2 Corinthians 3:18

Read, meditate, & Journal your thoughts on the following scriptures


Fasting is a powerful consecration activity that not only disciplines the body but creates clarity and sensitivity to things in the Spirit. We encourage you to pray and to commit to the fast the Lord is calling you.

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