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The Goodness of God - A Reasonable & Radical Response

Our 2021 Consecration is all about going deeper with God! It's about seeking His face in ways that causes His presence to saturate us! We'll be covering a series of topics to shepherd us deeper into Jesus' nail-scarred hands.

Be sure to check out the below resources that will be updated weekly so we can better live out what we're learning!

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February 28, 2021

On February 21, Pastor Steve taught on the reality of how the Goodness of God leads us to repentance.  The message presents the reality that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Holiness, is calling us to fully repent of all sin in all areas. It declares that our sin cannot abide with God. Thus, God desires to separate us from all sin in all ways. The Bible teaches that repentance brings times of refreshing! (See Acs 3:19). Let's allow the Goodness of God to bring us deeply into His presence and fully repent before His presence!

On February 28, Pastor Steve covered the topic of what a person's response to the Gospel should look like. There is, unfortunately, a big difference between the response of following Jesus found in culture versus the response of following Jesus found in the Bible. When a person erroneously sees the goodness of God as being small, they give little. However, when a person discovers God's unsearchable goodness, they understand that a radical commitment to Jesus is very reasonable. God is that good! His grace, His forgiveness, His love, His mercy, and His promises are worthy of us selling all that we have and following Him!



Read, meditate, & Journal your thoughts on the following scriptures


  • Matthew 13:44

  • Matthew 13:45-46

  • John 12:1-8

  • Mathew 10:38

  • Revelations 4:8-11

  • Romans 6:1-16

  • Matthew 16:24


  1. Why was the person willing to sell all they had to buy the field? (See Matthew 13:44)

  2. Why is this like the Kingdom of Heaven?

  3. Why was the person willing to sell all they had to buy the pearl? (See Matthew 13:45-46)

  4. Why is this like the Kingdom of Heaven?

  5. What does it mean that a radical response is reasonable?

  6. How does John 12:1-8 relate to the idea that a radical response is reasonable in our worship of Jesus?

  7. Do you think your response to following Jesus has been radical? In what ways?

  8. In what areas of your own life do you think God is calling to follow Him for radically?

  9. What things will you do this week to respond to Jesus more radically?


  • That we realize that God's goodness is worthy of a radical response!

  • That we are willing to give up all that we have to follow Jesus no matter what He calls for and where He leads!

  • That we be rescued from the half-hearted, lukewarm response to Jesus found in many cultures & churches. 

  • That we would be faithful to respond to the grace and love of the Father in His giving of His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • That Abundant Grace & EveryHouse be filled with people willing to sell everything that they may gain Jesus!


  1. Make an entry in your consecration journal to record your thoughts about this week's teaching. Think about what it would look like when your response to Jesus is more radical.

  2. Be intentional about your repentance. Set aside a time each day to meditate upon God's Word, pray, and allow the Holy Spirit to gently talk to you about the things you need to repent of.  Bring any lukewarm living to the cross and allow the Lord, through His Holy Spirit, to create a radical and fresh response to follow Him in your heart!

  3. Share your testimony of what changes have taken place in your life by choosing to radically respond to Jesus?


Fasting is a powerful consecration activity that not only disciplines the body but creates clarity and sensitivity to things in the Spirit. We encourage you to pray and to commit to the fast the Lord is calling you.

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