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Our 2021 Consecration is all about going deeper with God! It's about seeking His face in ways that causes His presence to saturate us! We'll be covering a series of topics to shepherd us deeper into Jesus' nail-scarred hands.

Be sure to check out the below resources that will be updated weekly so we can better live out what we're learning!

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Consecrated to Serve


March 7, 2021

On February 28, Pastor Steve covered the topic of what a person's response to the Gospel should look like. There is, unfortunately, a big difference between the response of following Jesus found in culture versus the response of following Jesus found in the Bible. When a person erroneously sees the goodness of God as being small, they give little. However, when a person discovers God's unsearchable goodness, they understand that a radical commitment to Jesus is very reasonable. God is that good! His grace, His forgiveness, His love, 

 His mercy, and His promises are worthy of us selling all that we have and following Him!

On March 7, Pastor Steve Hannett taught on the topic of serving God.  It's a message the church desperately needs because we need to catch God's vision for our lives.  Why? Because we are the workmanship of God and we are called to walk in the good works He has prepared for us. (see Ephesians 2:10) It's time to recapture God' vision for our destiny in Him.  Lay aside small thinking with small dreams.  Grab ahold of God's vision for you, your families, your church, and the Kingdom of God! It's time we live for more than ourselves. It's time we live for the glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!



Read, meditate, & Journal your thoughts on the following scriptures


  • Ephesians 2:10

  • Romans 12:1-2

  • Romans 6:1-16

  • Luke 22:42

  • John 13:1-20

  • Matthew 23:11


  1. How would Ephesians 2:10 cause us to think differently about our lives?

  2. In what specific ways could we live out Romans 12:1-2?

  3. How could your own church, home group, or family live-out Romans 12:1-2?

  4. What does it mean that we should present ourselves as instruments to God for righteousness in Romans 6:1-16?

  5. How could we wash each other's feet like Jesus in John 13:1-20? What specific things can we do? 

  6. What kind of heart is God calling us to have as Christians considering He washed our feet?

  7. How important is humility in the Christian life and in service to our King Jesus?

  8. Are you personally willing to change your life priorities to serve God? What do you think it will cost you? (See Luke 22:42 and reflect upon Jesus' sacrifice upon the cross)

  9. Why is it worth making sacrifices for His glory? What impact will it have in our lives and the lives of others?


  • That each of us will catch God's vision for serving Him with all our hearts and minds.

  • That we will be found faithful to serve Jesus and each other with humble hearts.

  • That we will be willing to prioritize our lives to be able to answer the call to serve God.

  • That we will be willing to do anything the Lord asks wherever and whenever He needs it!

  • That we would discover the joy, anointing, and gift of serving Jesus, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!


  1. Make an entry in your consecration journal to record your thoughts about this week's teaching. Think about what it will look like when you respond to offering your body as instruments of righteousness.

  2. Be intentional about your service. Ask God to show you the needs of His Church and those around you. Make a commitment to do one or more things this week in response to God!

  3. Share your commitment to live for God's glory with someone.  Allow yourself to be accountable to them to help you stay committed.


Fasting is a powerful consecration activity that not only disciplines the body but creates clarity and sensitivity to things in the Spirit. We encourage you to pray and to commit to the fast the Lord is calling you.

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