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from Pastor Steve HANNETT

The DELTA Team

We're excited to be forming, for the very first time, a specialized team within the Gospel Mission Network called DELTA. Many relate the term "DELTA" to the special forces of the Army, but the term "DELTA" generally means to make an impact, a change, or a difference. God has called us to be the salt and light of the earth, and has commissioned us to displace the kingdom of darkness and to establish the Kingdom of God. 

The DELTA team is designed to contribute to this work of the Great Commission by helping to cultivate and serve leaders capable of once again turning the world upside down for Jesus (see Acts 17:6) 


The Way of Christ & His Apostles

At the center of our methodology is a strong belief in the training methods found in the Way of Christ & His Apostles. These training methods include core principles rooted in Church-Based Theological Education, the Paul-Timothy method of mentorship, competency-based assessments, and on-the-job- experiential learning all happening in the context of a church and network family.

The term DELTA in our context is an acronym standing for "Developing Educational Leadership Teams Apostolically". This means our DELTA team will be a group of trained servants who will endeavor to inspire, form, and support leadership teams who will successfully lead their own leadership educational initiatives rooted in the tradition of Christ and His Apostles. Said another way, our DELTA team is being formed to serve the churches and ministries in the EveryHouse Network (and beyond) so they can cultivate their own leaders who can effectively advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Looking Ahead

We are at the beginning of the strategic development of our DELTA team, but I am excited about your training and participation in these beginning stages.  I pray each of us will find an exciting and challenging endeavor to serve Christ and see the world once again turned upside down for the glory of God!

In Christ,

Steve Hannett

President, Gospel Mission Network

Senior Pastor, Abundant Grace

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Coming Soon  (EST) DELTA Team Workshop

This all-day workshop will present EveryHouse's Great Commission Strategy including core functions, key initiatives, and operational plans. Additionally, we'll be discussing our DELTA Team plan along with other available staffing opportunities.


New Recordings will be added as soon as BILD makes them available.

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