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God desires to heal you! More than merely saying it, Jesus Christ suffered upon the cross to bear our sickness and disease. (See Isaiah 53:4-5 & 1 Peter 2:24) God has been demonstrating this Biblical truth by healing people in the Name of Jesus Christ throughout generations. Although the Bible is extremely clear on the doctrine of healing has historically been mistaught and misrepresented by the modern Church. This controversy has created doubt instead of faith, questions instead of revelation, and bondage instead of freedom!


It’s time all who have received the saving grace of Jesus Christ receive the fullness of His mercy to make us whole in mind, body, and spirit!


We invite all to get connected to Pastor Steve and the healing ministry of the Great Commission Network through the following resources and teachings!

Downs Syndrome Baby Healed!

Watch Steve Hannett Share this miracle during an interview with Sid Roth.

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