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This free e-book will help you get back on track with God and lead you to victory. It is written in a devotional format and will be a blessing to your spiritual walk!

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Many desire to experience the miracle-power of God in their lives but don't know how to activate it! Heaven's Breath not only teaches that God's Word is the key to releasing God's power in your life, but also teaches you how!

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Power In No Other Name unveils the tactics of the devil behind sickness and disease and teaches how to receive healing in the Name of Jesus! It is filled with a multitude of testimonies and people have reported receiving their healing when reading this book!

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Learn how Dong Jin Kim, a world-renowned Buddhist martial artist, encountered the truth about the spiritual world and encountered the power of God over the devil! This book is a must for all who want to be touched by God and live a glorious life!

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